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Our server collects statistics such as how many hits we get, when, what pages you look at, and the IP address of the server you came in from. We can’t identify who you are from this data and we only use it to fine-tune the site content so that we supply what people want to look at and don’t take up disk space with stuff no-one bothers with. We’ll never ask you for personal details on this site and we don’t install cookies on your PC.

Viruses, Trojans, Adware, etc.


The computer the site is built on and our host server both have regularly updated protection software, but we cannot guarantee to be totally free of viruses etc and we strongly recommend that you have your own up-to-date software installed.


We have provided links to other sites we think you may find useful or interesting but we can take no responsibility for the content of those external sites. If one of these links doesn’t work, possibly because the other site has changed it’s address, or the link doesn’t take you where you expected to be taken, please tell us.


Any views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of the Scout Association or of our partner Scout Group at Badger Hill.


The copyright of all photographs used has been assigned to Brocks ESU by the photographers who took them. The photos are also digitally “watermarked”.

Please ask before copying and/or reusing either photos or text from this site. If it’s for Scouting or charitable purposes we’re usually fine with that, but if it’s for anything else, particularly if you plan to make money out of the material without giving us a percentage of it, we’ll want to know exactly what you plan to do with it. Please be aware that lawyers are over-represented amongst our parents and if we find out you’ve been cut’n’pasting it could cost you a lot more than asking in the first place might have done :-)

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