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Most Badger Hill Scouts move to Brocks Explorers, but they don’t have to if they’d prefer to join another Unit, and we have Scouts from Ampthill and Barton troops who’ve chosen to join Brocks. Any Explorer in Ampthill & Woburn District can take part in anything organised by any of the Units and we have regular joint evenings and activities.

Explorers have had both boys and girls as members since they started in 2002 following on from the Venture Scout Units which were also co-ed from when they started in 1967. That was also the year we dropped Boy Scouts, Scoutmasters, and Dib-dib-dib................   :-)

Scouting is the largest Youth Organisation in UK with 433,975 young people supported by 102,812 adults. In January 2013 Ampthill & Woburn District had 4963 young people including 91 Explorers, 21 of whom are girls (23%). Brocks is currently 14 strong with six girls. We started with four girls and five guys so the makeup of the Unit hasn’t changed much in 11 years.

The Leader Team

Explorer Scouting is run by adult leaders, BUT with as much input as possible from the Explorers on programme planning, deciding policy, setting Unit rules, etc.

Explorer Scout Leader: Dave Davies, Self-employed Land Surveyor. Assistant Scout Leader at Badger Hill for about 14 years before starting the Explorer Unit in 2002. His career has included surveying, camping and surviving in some of the less attractive parts of the world, and he has two grown-up sons who both did the Cubs to Ventures route.

Assistant Explorer Scout Leaders:

Andy Martin - A quantity surveyor by profession, currently a valuer with a local estate agency. Joined us in 2012, his son was in Brocks from 2003 and his daughter was an Explorer with the former Anomalous Unit in Ampthill.

Andrew Draycott - Went through Cubs, Scouts, and Explorers until he “retired” at 18, went off to Uni, and has now returned as an Assistant Leader.


  Rose Ware - another ex-Brocks Explorer now   returned as a leader after qualifying as an   Occupational Therapist. Claim to fame: she    designed our scarf in 2009.